Logo is an essential part of any business and it is your main identity in the market. Rabbit and Carrot provides its best services in Logo animation. We have professionals who can animate 2D as well as 3D animated logos.Read More
Web video is the easiest possible way to explain what your business is all about in less time. When your potential client opens up your website he can get the complete introduction to your business through a highly unique and creative animated video.Read More
Animation has become an integral part of our lives, be it in any field, most important being media. Rabbit and Carrot is an excellent Animation Studio that provides its best animation services and fulfills the expectations of its clients as an animation company.Read More
Logo is an essential part of any business and it is your main identity in the market. Rabbit and Carrot provides its best services in Logo animation. We have professionals who can animate 2D as well as 3D animated logos.Read More
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Web Videos For Explaining What Your Company Does Only in SIXTY '60' Seconds

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What Client’s Say

EXCEPTIONAL person to work with. We had a very rush urgent job to be done (ie. timeline to deliver was literally within hours from the time the project was started). Not only was the project completed within the timeline and budget, the quality was excellent. PERFECT communication throughout the process, everything went smoothly beyond our expectations. We were skeptical that anybody could get what we needed done within the timeframe, but we were wowed away, VERY impressed. Thanks again for all of your hard work and for working late into the night to get this done for us!!!!
Amrik Randhawa , RGBX
Rabbit & Carrot’s responsiveness to my questions and comments was fantastic. It’s the primary reason I selected them over 2 other vendors whose pricing was lower. I might not have been the easiest client for them to deal with, and there were 1 or 2 requests they did not meet, yet their professionalism and sincerity in trying to deliver what I wanted throughout the entire experience makes me very comfortable in recommending them to others or using them for a future project. In the end, the final cartoon product they delivered made my parents 45th anniversary event a huge delightful success. My friends and family were highly entertained by the cartoon. Thanks again to the entire team at Rabbit & Carrot!!
Stacy , Day In A Life
The team has worked hard to meet our expectations. The quality of work produced is pretty high. There was a good two-way communication and due to their extensive experience, the team was able to get what we envisioned without us needing to explain at great length. There is a level of initiative and creative input on their part as well. One suggestion we would like to make is for the company to provide a greater variety of VOs for the client to choose from. Overall, we are very happy to have worked with the team. Recommended if you want high quality and affordable explainer videos!
Angel Hack , After Party
The entire staff did an excellent job from start to finish. Very engaged staff, provided consistent communication, helped me stay informed throughout the project. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for great quality work.
Samuel , Bet Me Gammer
Great team of animators who are very responsive, and have great skills in animation, and deliver what you ask for. Knowledge of technical terminology may sometimes be required in communicating with the team as there were occasions where instructions were misinterpreted. All in all, the project was delivered on time, and to a high quality for what you pay for. Would highly recommend them.
Bryan , Click To Sell Your House
I am very satisfied with this company. The team showed great patience and professionalism throughout the entire project. Thank you very much. I highly recommend and look forward to future projects with this team. Well done.
Miguel , Lockton
Very satisfied from the result of the work done. The team was available for all necessary changes, ready to help and responsive. They also provided a sound accompanying the animation. I recommend this subcontractor.
Petros , Zenlap