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An Explainer Video has the power to attract and educate your target audience, generate leads, boost your sales, and build your online presence. Video Marketing is one of the strongest marketing strategies. One Explainer Video on your website can take your start up to top 500 companies.

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Explainer Videos


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Promo Videos


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Rabbit And Carrot is an Explainer Video Company that specializes in creating Custom Animation Videos to share your story with the world. Your story with our efforts will make you stand out of the competition.


Convert Prospect Into Lead

Explainer Video will convert your prospects into leads.


Reach Your Customers

Explainer Video will attract your customers brains in a simple and quick way.


Get More Sales

Explainer Video will hook your visitors and make them buy your product instantly.


Eliminate Your Competition

Explainer Videos will eliminate your competition by generating leads.

Choose Your Favorite Style That Would Suit Your Business

2D Cartoon Animated Explainer Video
Kinetic Typography Explainer Video
Whiteboard Explainer Video
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Infographic Explainer Video
Cut Out Explainer Video

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Custom Explainer Videos

Custom Artwork

We create custom art for each project according to the requirements. Each of the custom artwork is done to give a proficient look to your explainer video.

Guaranteed Revisions

Guaranteed Revisions

Without your approval we won’t take another step or go into the next phase. We make sure that you are completely satisfied with the end product.

Fast Turn Around

Are you worried about the deadline? Don’t Worry. We can speed up the process at our end and deliver the video in less than a week.

Script That Converts

We have professional script writers who expertise in creating rock solid script that will make your brand echo in the mind of customer.


Done In Any Language

Need a video in your local language? No problem! We can make a video in many other language besides English and Arabic

Animation Company UAE

Dedicated Project Manager

We have reliable and devoted project managers who put in their best efforts to satisfy the client at utmost level.

Secure Information

Secure Information

Worried about loosing your private and confidential information? No worries. We are ready to sign a NDA and keep everything safe.

Project-Monitor-SystemProject Monitor System

We use our own custom modified system for online project management system to make sure you stayed up to date in every step of the project.

Need a video in next 48 hours?


We offer express delivery for our clients who are in a rush. We have a team dedicated to clients who need a video on an urgent basis. Get in touch with us now to see how quickly can we create a video for you.

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We have worked for some of the Top 500 Fortune Companies. Our videos have helped them reach their marketing objectives and promote at their business at the highest levels. We have had 5-Star rating from our clients with 100% satisfaction rate making Rabbit And Carrot one of the Top Explainer Video Producers.

Hewlett PackardHewlett Packard
Emirates NDBEmirates NDB
Broccoli Pizza and PastaBroccoli Pizza and Pasta

We Are Here To Ensure Your Brand Goes Up
Our Clientele Includes 1000+ Startups and Big Corporations










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App & Software



Need A Video In Your Viewers Language?
We have a pool of 25+ Voiceover Artists so you can get your video in your viewers languagae

Arabic Explainer Video


French Explainer Video


German Explainer Video


Italian Explainer Video


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Russain Explainer Video


Bring Your Business To Life With An Explainer Video


Story Behind Rabbit And Carrot: At Rabbit And Carrot  we recognized the importance and certain need of telling your story in a way that’s easy to remember. We create videos that will make your brand go up and make your brand stand out from competition. We explain complex concepts to customers in a simple and effective way.

We create videos that are easy to understand from your viewers point of view so your viewers gets engaged. In a time span of 60 seconds your viewers will be convinced to buy your product or service.


8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Explainer Video:


Explainer videos makes your brand standout in the competition.
Explainer videos will help you grab audience attention.
Explainer videos will help you  increase traffic to your website.
Explainer videos deliver complex concepts in an easy and simple way.
Explainer videos boost conversions by 20% on average.
Explainer videos posses the quality of keeping your viewers engaged.
Explainer videos understand your product in an engaging manner.
Explainer videos increase understanding for product or service by 74%.

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